camping and archery


To help you get in and out you can find a step on there.

The private road leading to the campsite from the public road has a hard pebbly surface. Apart from long rainy periods lorries carrying canoes can use it too.

Parking is free for the guests of the campsite.

If you are travelling by train use the Szombathely-Körmend-Szentgotthárd line and get off at Rátót. The campsite is about 2km away in the direction of Rábagyarmat. If you are driving or travelling by bike, use the number 8 highway. From Körmend drive past Gasztony and turn left at Rátót after the Rábagyarmat sign. Go through Rátót and always turning left, leave the village. The campsite is about 800m from Rátót directly before the Rába bridge on the left.

You can buy your basic groceries in two small shops in Rábagyarmat which fulfill local demand, so for larger groups it is reasonable to order bakeries, dairy products and meat in advance.

Fő út 2.
Kocsis László út 13.
Fenyvesalja u. 18.
+36 94 440 021   +36 94 440 486 +36 20 5679 927

Apart from swimming and canoeing you can play football, badminton volleyball, skittles or chess. Some of you might want to try archery too. 

If you would like to pass time with the Devil\'s Bible, the campsite attendant can give to a pack of cards. If you are longing for a glass of draught beer or other beverage, walk to Rábagyarmat. In the Fenyõ Presszó in Város Str. you can even have a private room to drink and chat. In the Fortuna Presszó in Kocsis László Str. you can \'cool\' yourself and do your shopping at the same time, since the grocery store is in the same building. 

Because of the changeable river-bed, different water depths and movements you can hook various fishes. (barbell, nose-carp, pike-perch, bream, wells, pike, bass etc.) To achieve this you will need different tactics, which is an adventure in itself. If you would like to see several lively creatures in your keep-net you will need to stay a couple of days to choose the best places, gain experience and perhaps visit the nearby mining lakes too.

 Only good swimmers should venture further away because of the dangers of the river currents and suddenly changing water depth. 


Rábagyarmat is the westernmost settlement of the conquering Gyarmat tribe. The quiet village, hiding among forest covered hills, has been and is a worthy place to visit for those who want to relax. Do visit the village church and the recently renovated village museum. A stroll on Fõ Street, hiking in the forests and a visit to St. László Spring or Rábel-házi Chapel will all give you unforgettable memories. 
In Rátót visit Széll Cottage\'s protected garden and Aradi Park commemorating the martyrs of the1848 revolution.
Szentgotthárd and Körmend, The nearest two towns, Szentgotthárd and Körmend, are worth visiting for their historical sights. The \'capital\' of the beautiful Õrség region, Õriszentpéter and the nearby village museum in Szalafõ are only an hour\'s bike ride away.
If you are keen on fishing you can try your luck and skills at Lake Himfai, which is about 7 km away near Ivánc, or Lake Hársas in Máriaújfalu. A bit further away near Bajánsenye in the Õrség region there is one more artificial lake you may want to visit. There are several fishing shops in Szentgotthárd and Körmend where you can do your shopping and buy day tickets as well. (Information: Szentgotthárd, Trabucco Horgászbolt 00-36-20-9721-025, 00-36-20-4689-423, Körmend 00-36-30-217-6223) 
The nearest restaurants are 2.5-7 km away. The nearest one, Kocsi Csárda, is by Highway 8 in Gasztony. You can also have a meal in St Michael Panzió és Étterem in Vasszentmihály, in Kati Bisztró in Csákánydoroszló or Székelytanya in Rönök. (Tel.: St Michael 06-94-438-031, Kati Bisztró 00-36-94-442-104, Székelytanya 00-36-94-538-013)

You can buy your basic groceries in three small shops in Rábagyarmat which fulfill local demand, so for larger groups it is reasonable to order bakeries, dairy products and meat in advance.