camping and archery


The campsite is on the water front, it lies on a grassy, terraced piece of land under the shade of trees. Put up your tent on the lower part next to the river if you like or a bit further away on the higher terraces. There is a lot of space for you to find the ideal patch of land for your tent or caravan. As far as public utilities are concerned, there is lighting, water and toilets. Although they are not water flushed, they are clean and comfortable. There is a small cold/warm-water bathroom and an open-air cold-water shower. The camp\'s 36m2 \'common room\' offers lighting, wooden tables and benches, which give you comfort in rainy weather.

A connecting small building offers fireplaces you can use in rainy weather and a sink to do the washing-up. On the western side of the building there is a grilling facility too.
The campsite offers several open-air areas where you can make a fire. Lighting a fire elsewhere is strictly prohibited.
For local use you can borrow pots, pot holders, barbecue skewers. Their numbers are limited though.
We collect litter selectively.