camping and archery


The campsite can be found by the upper part of the river Rába which has the well deserved reputation of being the most picturesque section of the river. It is situated between the villages Rábagyarmat and Rátót, 300 meters down from the Rába bridge. The privately-owned, well- tended campsite lies on a three-hectare, quiet grove and due to its natural treasures it is part of the Õrségi National Park. It can be accessed by car on a private road. The two nearest villages, Rábagyarmat and Rátót, are both just 1 km away. The common starting point of canoe tours, Szentgotthárd is 20km on the river, by road the half of it. 

There is a lot of space so there is no need to book unless you want a certain patch of land for your tent or want to stay for more than one night. If so please let me know three days in advance. Should you have to cancel your booking, please inform me in time!

You can a rent a caravan for sleeping! Check our gallery for photos!
(we cannot provide bed linen and blankets)


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